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The Facebook Cut

Nic at the Bantam CC tryouts

Bantam CC Evaluations

It’s the first time we’ve had a cut announced on Facebook. As I’m writing this, there are still two minutes left before the cut is supposed to be announced, but already the cat is out of the bag. The results have been posted ahead of time. And we know if Nic is making the cut, or not.

Today’s game was another fast game. Nic’s team won, 6 to 5,  but it didn’t look to me like Nic was playing the way he usually does. The other team was up 3-0 at the end of the first 20 minutes, so the defensemen started being wary of having one of their opponent’s forwards blast past them when exiting the offensive zone. Instead of being at the blue line, and going deeper in the offensive zone when chances warranted, they were hanging to the blue line, or even on the other side. Nic, especially.

We talked about what the chances were of Nic making the team right after he got the call inviting him to the evaluations – and what would happen if he made the cut and what would happen if he didn’t make it. We knew that it would be tough to compete with other players who have had so much more ice time than he has had over the past couple of years. And we also knew that just by being called, he’s probably earmarked for the top single letter Bantam team — if he didn’t the cut.

At 6:50 p.m., the post went up on the Facebook page listing the players’ names for the two teams, and the next practices for each team. Nic’s name wasn’t on either list.

He didn’t want me to post this because, like anyone who doesn’t get what he or she is hoping for, he is disappointed. I didn’t want to go against his wishes, but I’ve been public about it, and I couldn’t turn back now. The truth is I’m disappointed too, because I’m sure that he would be a quick study to catch up to them if they’d just put him on one of those teams. And, who knows, they just might call him to replace players, just like he did last year.

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes to Nic, he appreciates all the good karma you sent. And me too. It was a wild ride. Now we can get back to normal, what ever that was before the phone finally rang.

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  1. Marc

    Well, I am sure Nic gave it all he had. That’s what’s most important.
    Next time…

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