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My Hat Trick BBQ Utensils are Here

Hat Trick BBQ

Hat Trick BBQ

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about Hat Trick BBQ and how they were repurposing broken, landfill-unfriendly hockey sticks into some pretty cool items than any hockey fan would love to have: barbecue utensils and more.

This morning, I got a notice in from Canada Post that there was something waiting for my signature at the post office inside the local Pharmaprix drug store a couple of kilometres from where I live. I had no idea what I was getting. And even when I saw the long, skinny box, that the postal clerk handed to me, I had no idea what was inside it.

What A Nice Surprise

I turned the box over, but I was so excited to get a package in the mail that I couldn’t see who the sender was, at first glance. Who sent this, and what’s inside? I wondered.

So I had to open it, right in front of the postal clerk. Don’t worry, there was no lineup. In fact, she and I were the only ones in that part of the store.

When I opened it, my heart jumped with joy. Inside was a set of BBQ utensils made from a broken Easton Synergy HTX hockey stick!!! I pulled that out to find that wasn’t all, either. Inside they’d thrown in a couple of bottle openers too — one made from a CCM stick (sorry, I couldn’t figure out the model it came from)  and the other from Easton Velocity V5E stick.


When I went hunting online to check my links for this post, I found that although the Canadian company is still called “Hat Trick BBQ“, the American company has gone through a branding change and is making a product expansion. Now called “Requip’d” they’re now expanding their “green” solution to other sports including baseball and lacrosse.

Hat Trick BBQ and Requip’d are two companies making a difference, repurposing sticks that no one wants, can use anymore and just sit in the landfill, forever and ever and ever. Good job, people.

Thanks so much, Josh Lutz. They look great and I can’t wait to fire up the BBQ and try them out.



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  1. I’m totally jealous! I’d love to have something this rad show up in my mail!

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