"Rinks don't need to be money pits" – Colleen O'Shea

About Me

I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. I went to St. John’s Elementary School and while I was there, a couple of hockey things happened. In Mr. Thiele’s Grade 7 class, the bulletin board was used to show the progress of all the teams in the NHL. And we watched the 1972 Canada-Russia series. The school’s television, mounted high on a portable stand, was wheeled into the corridor so all the students from grades 5-8 could watch the games.

Before I became a hockey mom, I was a golf mom. And as crazy as it sounds, golf cut my heart out. And maybe, just maybe, hockey saved me.

Other things you may feel are important: I went to Notre Dame College in Wilcox Saskatchewan. I have a Bachelor of Arts – Canadian Studies from the University of Regina – which was affiliated with Notre Dame when I went. I also have a degree in Journalism and Communications, also from the University of Regina. Most of my professional career has involved content, but little of it involved writing.

Until now.

Colleen O’Shea
December 18, 2014
Somewhere in the land of Hockey

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